Services Available

Louis-V. Sylvestre, Ad.E., lawyer, practices mainly in the fields of administrative law and, more specifically, in urban & regional planning law as it pertains to agricultural land resources, as well as in environmental law focusing on sustainable development. He is particularly interested in legal issues surrounding regulatory implementation in agricultural zones commonly known as "green areas" or "green zone" as opposed to "white zone."


Me Sylvestre specializes in matters related to protection of agricultural land resources (agricultural zoning), with respect to both the Act respecting the preservation of agricultural land and agricultural activities and the Act respecting the acquisition of farm land by non-residents.


Whether called upon to provide legal counsel, formulate a legal opinion, or offer a simple piece of advice, Me Sylvestre can draw upon more than thirty years of experience in agricultural zoning.


Louis-V. Sylvestre has represented clients before CPTAQ (Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec), TAQ (Tribunal administratif du Québec), and Quebec's courts of law.


Each mandate is fulfilled solely within our own practice. Conflict of interest is thus avoided - both in appearance and in fact.


Such freedom of action and professional independence assures you, the client, of legal services meeting the highest standards of quality and integrity.


In cases where requests are made for permits, authorizations, inclusions or exclusions with regard to agricultural zones, Me Sylvestre may recommend complementary services by experts and professionals who are independent, competent and above reproach. Louis-V. Sylvestre also serves as legal counsel to a number of real estate investors in Quebec. His services are charged on an hourly basis.